This competition provides designers with a platform to jointly grow and develop with enterprises, industries and market and offers a stage for jewelry designers to showcase their talent and works, to promote traditional gold culture and find top-notch gold jewelry designs both at home and aboard. The competition aims to improve gold jewelry design concepts both at home and abroad, build a high-standard international communication platform, encourage innovation in Chinese and international gold jewelry industry, introduce more new blood, diversify gold jewelry culture and lead new gold jewelry trend both at home and abroad.

1. June 8-July 31, 2017 Application and submission deadline

2. August 1-10, 2017 Evaluation

3.August 11-18, 2017 Send Award Ceremony invitation letters to all awarders 

4. August 19-25, 2017 Preparing for Award Ceremony

5. August 26, 2017 Award Ceremony

Hosted by: 
China Gold Association
Gems & Jewelry Trade Association of China
Shandong Zhaojin Group Co., Ltd.
World Gold Council
Shandong Zhaojin Yinlou Co., Ltd. 
Competition Jury Members
(Arranged in alphabetical order)  


Master of Arts and crafts, China senior artists, Beijing special arts and crafts, national intangible cultural heritage inheritors of Beijing filigree craft.

Ren Jin

Deputy Secretary General of Gems & Jewelry Trade Association of China , Professor of Jewelry Institute , China University of Geosciences (Beijing), Postgraduate Tutor

Sun Jiaying

Associate Professor, Tsinghua University, Academy of Fine Arts
Vice chairman of China Insurance Association Jewelry Design Committee

Teng Fei

Professor of China Central Academy of Fine Arts, supervisor of master's degree, founder of jewelry specialty and academic director

Wang Bingxiang

Shandong Zhaojin Yinlou Co., Ltd.vice president

Shandong Zhaojin Gold & Silver Refinery Co. Ltd.,vice president

Irina Slesareva

Chief Editor of Jewellery Review magazine Editor of "Design" section.

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